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Airtime Connects your PC to your TV

Airtame is a small HDMI adapter for the TV that can receive data from a PC via Wi-Fi. So, the cabling is eliminated. The project is supported through the crowd financier Indiegogo and almost reached its target.

For the device to work, a software on the sending computer which provides data communications is required. The device itself is inserted with its HDMI output to a TV or projector.

You┬ácan display the screen content, expand desktop display or even on several computers transmit images – according to the manufacturer.

This software must be installed on any Windows or Linux PC or Mac, to receive images. That would be ideal for training purposes.

According to the startups, 1080p videos through IEEE 802.11 b/g/n may be transferred. An accurate indication of what transmission speed for which quality and resolution is required, is still unclear. Where no Wi-Fi is available, Airtame can be mounted its own network, to enable wireless transmission. Currently the maximum transmitted quality is stereo sound. The power supply connects via MicroUSB, for example in the second USB port on the TV.

Similar solutions exist for home servers and remote servers. Hosting reviews should be helpful if you decide to go with this solution.

In addition, a normal large USB connection for accessories was built in the Airtame. So a USB-Ethernet adapter can be used. The greatest shortcoming of the device is its inability to work with mobile devices running Android or iOS.

The Airtame costs around 90 US dollars plus $15 for shipping. The developers come from Denmark.

The series production demands 160,000 dollars. The developers have already completed a working prototype. The campaign runs until 1 January 2014 and has raked up about 150,000 U.S. dollars so far.